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corporate services

When people are feeling better, they generally perform better.

Many of our corporate services, courses and workshops are bundled for corporations and organizations.
In addition, MBA offers corporate performance enhancement through RBTI body chemistry analysis services, naturopathy, hypnotherapy, and ancillary services, and coaching for each employee.


Corporate Services for employee wellbeing

Using natural processes, hypnotherapy, and body chemistry analysis, corporate teams can be set up so that life’s issues are easier to handle, wellbeing levels are much higher and energies are balanced to enhance personal performance. Then with mentoring and coaching the entire team or workforce will perform better. MBA also has a sports team service along similar lines.

For most companies there are five stakeholders, namely, customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and the community in which the company operates.
In the new economy of services, frontline workers and customers need to be the center of management’s concern. Customers are value oriented, emphasizing results in relation to costs. As profits come from customers, the key concept of the service profit chain model is to treat employees well so that they make customers happy, who in turn buy more, which leads to improved corporate profitability, and allows suppliers and investors to be paid properly, as well as avoiding upsetting the communities in which they operate.
Performance strategies refer to preparatory activities and tasks related to workplace design, job design, employee selection and development, employee rewards and recognition, and the introduction of applicable tools for serving customers. Specifically, companies strive to take the following steps:

  • 1. Hire employees with the right attitude toward jobs, coworkers and companies, as people are the heart of service businesses.
  • 2. Promote capabilities (tools, technology, and infrastructure) and empower service workers to achieve results for customers.
  • 3. Communicate with customers and employees to get feedback and recognize good performance.
  • 4. Achieve employee satisfaction as related to jobs, training, pay, advancement fairness, treat people with dignity, teamwork, company’s interest in employees’ wellbeing. 
  • 5. Link manager’s compensation (say 20%) to customer satisfaction.

BY incorporating body chemistry testing and nutrition, naturopathy, and hypnotherapy, employee performance can be enhanced.

Employee transformation can reap benefits in the industry.

Corporate Services Performance lead to Customer satisfaction, the ultimate goal that all service companies want to achieve.

Customer satisfaction can be measured by a set of metrics using third-party interviews. These metrics include (1) percentage of loyal customers with repeat businesses; (2) percentage of sales due to repeat customers; (3) funds spent to promote customer retention; and (4) company’s understanding of the reasons for customer defect, and actions taken to mitigate. Service quality is a function of the gap between perceptions of active service received and customer’s expectations beforehand (as related to reliability, timeliness, empathy and authority of service delivery, extent of evidence for service rendered).

It is of critical importance to the company that service errors be quickly corrected.

External service value refers to the value received by customers based on the extent in which the service designed and delivered satisfies their needs.
Customer loyalty results in retention, repeat business, and referrals.

For service companies, the service profit chain model represents a useful organizational design concept because it emphasizes, among other stakeholders, the two most important ones: employees and customers.

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