Are Past Lives influencing your life NOW?

Past Lives can be influencing your Relationships, Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Depression, Sadness, Anger, Careers, Physical ailments, Childhood influences in the sub-conscious, and much more!

Have you ever wondered if you’ve lived before?
Would you like to experience Past Life Regression for yourself? In this workshop you get to Journey to multiple past lives through the experience of safe Past Life Regression. This is your opportunity . . .

  • Week 1. Introduction and a Positive, Neutral or Happy Past Life Experience
  • Week 2. Past Loves and Healing Traumas
  • Week 3. Past Life Regression to a lifetime of  creativity and abilities 
  • Week 4. Back to the Cause, Karmic Cleansing Regression.

In this workshop you get to explore multiple Past Lives safely.
Ones that may be having an effect on you still, or ones you may want to remember for other reasons.

Past Lives are amazing to experience and can be real eye openers. Anyone can “go there” and it will be easiest for intelligent, strong willed and imaginative people who are willing to trust their own thoughts, feelings and visions. Each evening consists of a pre-regression talk on what to expect and how to have the best experience. We start with a short journey to get you familiar and relaxed with the process and then you’ll be guided to a Past Life!
There will be time for reflection, journaling, and questions afterward!
It’s easy, safe, and fun!
Veteran Hypnotherapist David Lomman’s has been doing Past Live regressions for individuals and groups for 30 years. Among his teachers were renowned masters of past life regression. 


The relationships which you choose in this life whether seen to be “good” or “bad” often have a beginning and a reason for being in Past Lives. You may have issues to resolve, Soul Contracts to break free of, fear, shame, guilt, and blame to overcome. Love to experience it again and again.

Fears – Phobias – Anxiety
All fears held in the present time must have a beginning somewhere. Often, they relate to Past Life experiences where fear has been held in your body. By allowing the fear to reappear in this lifetime in a safe way you can finally deal with it.

Depression – Sadness – Anger
Often the feeling of not being good enough or deep sadness or anger may seem to be with you all your life. This too can regularly be traced back to Past Life experiences where you lived and often died in trauma, shame or blame. Often, the reason that these issues arise again in this life is so that you can finally work through what has in the past hurt you to then come out the other side into peace and bliss.

Careers  Abilities
Tapping into Past Life experiences can bring you greater awareness of the true creativity and ability which you hold within you.
In this way, you become more allowing of those abilities to blossom and flourish in this life. You become more and more assured that your
life does have meaning and purpose and you can achieve and succeed.

The Younger You
Often the traumas of childhood are merely ways to bring to your attention to issues that began and are yet unresolved from Past Lives. Just as fragments of you are left behind in childhood through shame, doubt and blame etc., so too are fragments left behind in Past Lives.

Program Director: Veteran Hypnotherapist David Lomman Dip Nat. Dip CH, MCMA, MATMS, Holistic Practitioner, Naturopath, Radio Broadcaster, and Transformational Expert.

Whether the catalyst to discovering your Past Lives comes from curiosity or from the desire to roll up your sleeves and work on blocks, phobias, chronic illness, relationships, and/or purpose in life, the knowledge of those previous experiences can be a wellspring of wisdom. They are also empowering, healing, transformative, fun, and safe!
Anyone can “go there” and it will be easiest for intelligent, strong-willed and imaginative people who are willing to trust their own thoughts, feelings and visions.

This Workshop is available as:

1. Group Program online (ZOOM)
2. In-person Group Classroom/workshop when possible                                    3. Individual programs online using ZOOM or in person when possible

Online using Zoom
Change karma by clearing overt acts
Clear or change contracts with significant others
Alter pre-conception contract with the Higher Self
Online 2.5 to 3 hours Individual Sessions available for $350.00  per session. 

Past Life Regression Workshop - Heal From Your Past

Introduction – Preparation – Regression
120 mins
Introduction to Past Life Regression Preparation for your personal Past Life RegressionExperiencing your personal Past Life Regression to a positive, neutral or happy past lifeTime to write of your experience.
Journey to a Life with a Specific Person – Healing the Past
120 mins
Do you ever have the feeling that you have met someone before, perhaps in a previous lifetime?
Contact Past Life abilities and creativity
30 mins

How can YOUR past lives affect your current abilities and creativity?

Back to cause – Karmic Regression
30 mins

We have a look at how KARMA may be affecting you in this life as a result of events in your previous lives!

Resolve Past Life Trauma
30 mins

Many people experience trauma in their current life as a result of events that have happened in previous lives.

Explore past lives is available to anyone over the age of 18.PRICE INCLUDES ALL LESSONS IN THE NOMINATED PROGRAMCOURSE SCHEDULE

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Enrolled: 59 students
Duration: SESSION 2 hours per week over 4 weeks.
Lectures: 5
Level: Beginner