Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

Kate Eason, Avd. Dip. Nut. Med. has joined the MBA Team to provide Health and well-being services based on Nutrition and Foods we eat.


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When starting out on a journey towards improving your health, it is important to know where your body is now, and what state your health is currently in.
It’s also important to have a plan, a goal, and a direction –
create the health state you want by becoming clear on what the ‘end goal’ (or starting and middle goal) is.
All the focus is truly on YOU! Services we offer to our clients are:

Nutritional therapy consultation for individuals, couples and families
RBTI Analysis (urine and saliva testing)
Task lists
Meal plan
Blood sugar regulation advice
Balancing of macro and micro nutrients in meals and snacks
Real food recipes
Monitoring of food diary
Acute and chronic illness nutrient therapy
Guidance on emotional eating and psychosomatic issues
Digestive health
Pathology testing
Stool testing
Intolerance testing
Vitamin and mineral supplementation
Cooking classes
Health seminars

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Kate Eason is the owner of Food deFined and has made it her personal mission to build a healthy world through the education of what true health really feels like. Imagine if you knew what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat, all based on truly knowing your body, and understanding its function.
Her passion is evident when she is consulting with individuals, couples, and families; when public speaking; presenting workshops and seminars; and playing about at a cooking class.
To educate and help people create an eating lifestyle that helps them balance their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life means all of Kate’s core values are met.
Outside of her work she enjoys cooking with whole foods, being active with things like hiking, getting up for the sunrise, and doing a bit of self-development. All of this passion and zest for life comes through in her work.
Kate grew up in the country and has traveled around the world taking in many different cultures and experiences. She is adventurous and loves creating relationships with different people.
She currently lives in Burleigh on the Gold Coast and enjoys community life by volunteering and playing indoor netball.


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Nutrition Advice

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For generations, we have been soiling our flesh with foods that have little or no nutrients. No wonder ill health, mental issues, and disease are rampant. Fresh food is a catch cry from many of our supermarkets, yet the nutrition at the point of purchase, (frozen, carted from farms over many days, delivered from central markets weeks old etc.)  is nowhere near the level it is when handpicked from its growth platform. Nutrient-dense foods are important for our health and wellbeing. Sometimes we need to be trained on what is right for our bodies. After all, we are all different and need different solutions for our health and well-being.

Kate Eason is also an RBTI Practitioner, who analyses the biochemistry of the body to find a place to start the process of better eating and health.