Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnotherapy services from Mind Body Academy are for men and women of all ages.
Hypnotherapy Services — or hypnosis — is a type of nonstandard or “complementary and alternative medicine” treatment.
It uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is sometimes called a trance. During a hypnotherapy session, people are guided through a process to induce a trance-like state that helps them focus their minds, respond more readily to suggestions, and become deeply relaxed. Hypnotherapy utilizes the heightened awareness of the hypnotic state to help you focus on a problem more deeply.

Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Substance Abuse, Weight Loss can all be improved with Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy Services can assist physical, mental. emotional and spiritual issues.

Example of Hypnotherapy Services in action

Weight loss: You’ve tried everything – Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Food delivery services, starving yourself, shakes, calorie counting, fasting, keto, Atkins, willpower . . . the list goes on and on. It doesn’t matter what you do, you always go back to your old ways and eat too much. Nothing seems to work or remain as is. And you feel broken as you watch others around you get results while you continue to struggle.
Your motivation has gone out the window, you’re overweight, everything just feels hard, and you’re miserable. And you’ve reached the point where you know that perhaps something deeper with you needs to change. You are here because this is your last chance!
The reason the diets or exercise programs don’t work for you is that you’ve been trying to change the WHAT you do when instead you need to look at and change or HEAL the WHY you do it. The billion-dollar weight-loss industry loves those who try and fail and try again and keep trying. Makes them money.
Because when you heal the WHY, life becomes a seamless integration between health and you, and that’s why we are here to help you. Working with you using Hypnotherapy, we can resolve the underlying causes that drive your unhealthy relationship with food and retrain your habits so you can lose weight naturally without needing willpower, restrictive diets, or exhausting exercise regimes. Give Hypnotherapy a try!

How can our Hypnotherapy Services work for you?

1. Design
First, we can design the life you want and develop a deep emotional connection with your desired outcomes.

2. FIX
Next, we can heal the wounds that keep you stuck. Breaking unhealthy emotional triggers, negative self-talk, and self-sabotage.

Then we build a strong health and mindset foundation so you can have the strength and motivation to stay on your journey.

Finally, with hypnosis, NLP, and other powerful methods we can train the brain to forget the old ways even existed, replacing them with a natural, healthy, confident you. 

We also cover what you are experiencing around food, (Nutrition) your goals, desires, struggles, and frustrations then your dreams. You will get tools and tips that you can implement right now.

Hypnotherapy services

In-clinic sessions

One on one sessions at our clinic on the Gold Coast with our resident Hypnotherapists

remote sessions

Remote online sessions available via ZOOM.

Hypnotherapy Services Provided

Individual Hypnoptherapy Services

Hypnotherapy Services can provide assistance to individuals in many areas.

Couples Hypnotherapy Services

Couples can benefit from Hypnotherapy sessions in terms of individual issues and relationship issues.

Relationship Hypnotherapy Services

Families often have issues that can be assisted with Hypnotherapy Services and Naturopathy sessions for wellbeing and health.

Hypnotherapy Services Specialties

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder can be very debilitating. Hypnotherapy can assist in the reduction of physical, mental. emotional and spiritual impacts associated with Anxiety


DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, TIREDNESS, FATIGUE Do they have anything in common? We have found when you have these conditions, they are part of a picture showing how far from a Balanced Health and Wellness Lifestyle you may be. We’ve come to this conclusion based on over 30 years of Clinical Practice combined with extensive research and training. Plus, the client’s positive results have convinced us that by following the steps, these conditions will also be totally reversible by you. Providing you take the right steps to stop doing what is creating the problems in your body and to start doing what it takes to get yourself out of your current situation you can transform your life.


We all know about the high incidence of marriage breakdown, separation, and divorce that has left many men and women wondering about the value of relationships and themselves. And is this contributing to high levels of domestic violence, and a new generation of young adults shattered by childhood experiences? What if there is a way to save the relationship rather than destroy it? What if you can resurrect the feelings and emotions that tied couples together in the first place? What if you can achieve the spice that comes with an intimate relationship?

Substance Abuse

Hypnotherapy can address many issues being experienced with substance abuse today including smoking.

Parenting Therapy

Parenting today requires new thiking and new approaches to survive and raise children better than in the past. Hypnotherapy can provide a range of assistance to couples looking at becoming parents and exisiting parents, in dealing with fears, doubts, concerns and uncertainty.


Obesity is a growing disease in todays lifestyle. Additction to fast foods, no nutrition foods and heaps of sugar content can be a real issue, for many people. Hypnotherapy can assist with weight control, weight loss and cravings.

common Hypnotherapy Service questions

David explains in simple terms how hypnotherapy can work for you. It is simple, fun and extremely powerful.

Each session is one hour and a half hours but may take more depending on the requirement.

It depends on the issues involved but several sessions are usually required.

$240 per session

You will know and feel that the therapist is right for you after the first session.

It depends on the severity of the issues under contract.

Paradise Point on the Gold Coast

Absolutely. Confidentiality is guaranteed under patient privilege.

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Hypnotherapy & Naturopathy

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Grief & Loss

The idea of not recovering from grief sounds terrifying, but millions of people are going through their normal day, living a purposeful life while still living with an ongoing sense of grief. All of the things we hear people discuss getting over grief… it’s all about getting life back to normal and just moving on. That’s a misrepresentation of grief. That’s a misrepresentation of loss. While humans always seek closure and enjoy resolution, that’s not how grief operates. Hypnotherapy & Naturopathy can help.
Hypnotherapy services