Power of Alpha Thinking


Alpha-thinking provides a gateway to your inner self, letting you produce and control at will your brain’s most creative wavelengths of mental energy.
Once you have mastered this ability, as have thousands before you, you can tune yourself into a happy state or a productive one with equal ease.
You become your own guide to your inner being and your own healer. The Power of Alpha conditions your thinking and opens your mind to this wonderful world of positive living through:
Step by step instructions for reprogramming your life
The miraculous experience’s of people who have practised the positive meditation of ALPHA.
An examination of Biofeedback and whether it will work for you
Proven methods for overcoming smoking. overweight, stress, headaches, high blood pressure and other problems.

Heal yourself of minor aches and pains.
Overcome procrastination.
Become a doer now.
Help other people by identifying their problems with your mind.
Learn how to use sleep to find solutions to your problems

People have to be ready for this kind of training, they have to recognise a need and want to do something about it. People get into a state of altered consciousness where they tune into the universal mind which knows everything. Many say we are all connected!

At $497 for the POWER OF  APHA Workshop,
what do you have to lose, compared to the potential gain?
The ALPHA workshop, unlocks “human potential” now isn’t that worth a risk?
YOU can get in touch with what you want, transform yourself, and even change your world!
YOU may be happy and successful and asking what more is there? What else is possible?
YOU know like, my life’s okay, I’m not here complaining, but what else is there?
YOU may feel that your life can be better, and to your credit, YOU set about trying to improve it.
YOU may feel a need to make a commitment to your life!

 ‘Human potential’ or ‘personal growth’ business has grown up over the last 30 years.
Many say, that we are using only a small portion of our brain’s potential.
Millions have attended growth workshops all over the world. Take Tony Robbins programs for example.
Millions of people at some time or another attend some sort of self-help training.

POWER OF ALPHA gives hope, mentoring and offers to change a person’s psyche of belief system. It offers both mental and physical improvement outcomes.
YOU can improve relationships, get greater productivity, and improve your self-esteem and lots more.
 Perhaps YOU have augmented feelings of insecurity, superficiality, and alienation?
ALPHA can help that too!Who hasn’t felt lonely, cut off from humanity, at some time?
And what about the huge increase in separation and divorce in our society over recent years?
Those in a transitional period, living alone for the first
time, breaking up, grieving, going through a job change, are especially in need of a life change, that POWER OF ALPHA can deliver.
YOU may feel
vulnerable and may have areas you’re guilty
about, areas you’d like to improve.
Research shows that more women are gravitating to the new levels of consciousness.
Why?  The presence of unusual stresses, a tendency toward low self-esteem, and a high dependency and unassertiveness in their makeup.

Many say people of all ages come because it works, and participants are NOT committed to the status quo of their lives.

By the time participants reach the advanced stages, they already feel that ALPHA is something powerful to them. If they want to share that with a friend, the program is available to help them.

Here at MBA what we do is always going to be controversial, simply because the subject of change is controversial!

Guided imagery can be one of the most powerful tools used in the ALPHA workshops.
Even sports psychologists enlist Olympic athletes in guided imagery exercises.

As for guided imagery, it is only a rigorous way of looking at your life, not a bolt of lightning from above. Everybody in the seminar is always under his or her own power. ALPHA exercises conducted within the workshops, offer a range of super consciousness outcomes.

What if YOU are a parent, with teenagers and young adults?
Wouldn’t you want to give them a head start in life, enable them to tap into their full potential, sooner, and have them perform better, be more productive and have a better sense of self responsibility?

There is NO PROMISE of transformation over a weekend, however there IS POTENTIAL of transformation over the 8 weeks of the workshop.

We have seminars, workshops, and refresher courses.

MIND = Man’s Inner Nature and Development.

Imagine the possibilities that can open up in YOUR life, by attending the ‘POWER OF ALPHA’ workshop here at Mind Body Academy. 

Is success in life fundamentally a matter of finding an open door and knowing yourself well enough to take advantage of the opportunities on the other side of the door?
By digging up past mistakes, you keep them alive. We show you how to stop dwelling on the negatives.  It is not enough just to want something, or see you wanting something, you have to have faith that it will happen. Visualization and expectancy (faith) go hand in hand.

Many people say, faith is used on the mind state, to supplant better thinking, with creative energies of Alpha/Theta, that you have to climb out of the narrow intellectual trap built on fear and false starts, and you need a clear channel, not only to what you are and what you want to be, but to connect with other people in the physical world itself.

Others say, the subconscious mind is the controlling factor in this mental sphere, you visualize in your Alpha levels,  and create what you want, and every cell of your body responds to the unspoken effort.
Some participants find new abilities to relate to other people, to be more gentle on themselves, more productive and creative, earning more money and enjoying it more. Gone were the fears of yesteryear, bringing in an optimism that made life not only tolerable but exhilarating with new attitude.

Testimonial: Jess S. “For the first time in my life, I learned how to completely relax and build a positive attitude in meditation and felt the rush of white surging waves of emotions through my body, and felt completely in tune with the infinite intelligence. I felt nourished by the spirit within and heard clearly the voice of intuition”.

Here at MBA, we are interested in making sick people well, and if they can think themselves into illness, it reasons they should be able to think themselves into health, (research shows this) through self suggestion. Yes it can be different for different people. Research shows individuals can quiet nerves, upgrade attitude, gain control over involuntary functions, as respiration and blood flow even to changing the temperature of parts of the body and do more.

Many believe, True positive thinking is a consequence of an altered consciousness, not its cause.

The mind as we are finding out, can help us find the way to push life to infinity, or turned inward gradually destroy us. If you think your are 50 or 60 years old, you perform accordingly since we commonly associate the age with retirement, you would have to be thinking in terms of your pension and some Valhalla by the sea where you will play shuffle board on the bridge while waiting for the undertaker.
You can be your own person and think ageless and stay away from common perception.
Some people say that 90% of all illness in largely psychogenic, 8% is circulatory in nature, and 2% organic in origin. The mind can influence it all.

Self improvement is the crux of the problem, trying to improve ourselves though self knowledge we have to know where we are,  and where we are going. APLHA thinking can assist.

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Enrolled: 15 students
Duration: 2 hours each week over 8 weeks
Level: Beginner