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Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and intimacy alive in committed relationships!
Intimacy and Desire: Awaken the Passion in Your Relationship!
Empower your relationship: Bring happiness and light back into your lives together!


The state of Marriage and Relationships today

We all know about the high incidence of marriage breakdown, separation, and divorce that has left many men and women wondering about the value of relationships and themselves.
And is this contributing to high levels of domestic violence, and a new generation of young adults shattered by childhood experiences?
What if there is a way to save the relationship rather than destroy it?  What if you can resurrect the feelings and emotions that tied couples together in the first place?
What if you can achieve the spice that comes with an intimate relationship?

Sexual difficulties cause relationship problems.

It is possible that the greatest sexual pleasure and emotional fulfillment in a person’s lifetime are possible in the middle and later years when he or she has developed a mature sense of self and found genuine intimacy with another person. That’s an exciting message. This program challenges couples to work together on the sexual and emotional blocks that hold them back from total satisfaction with each other. There are couples who share the same predicaments and obstacles as you and your partner. This program and couples address the intimate secrets of their marriage, revealing ideas and techniques that are directly applicable to your own relationship. With humour, compassion, and unusual candour,  the program is a respectful, erotic, uplifting, and a spiritual guide dedicated to making love and intimacy a reality for every couple.

Transforming relationships into personal growth

The program/course transforms sexuality and relationships, explains why normal healthy couples in long-term relationships have sexual desire problems, regardless of how much they love each other or how well they communicate. In-depth examples of couples counseled reveal the unique understanding of common but difficult sexual desire problems that affect couples of all ages. Combining compassion and clinical wisdom, the program explains the Four Points of Balance approach to resolving low desire, mismatched desire, sexual boredom, and the emotional gridlock that accompanies these problems.  The program provides a roadmap for how couples can transform common sexual desire problems into self-exploration and personal development that leads to psychological and spiritual growth, stronger relationships, and more powerful and meaningful desire for each other. It provides time-proven comprehensive solutions that help couples reconnect with each other sexually, and take their intimacy and passion to new, previously unexplored heights.

Transforming lifestyles for health, energy, and vitality

Are marriage, sex, and togetherness meant to be, without a spiritual connection?
Whilst sexual issues are a major factor in relationship troubles, the program also addresses the spiritual aspect of relationships, along with lifestyle, foods, physical health, mental spontaneity, and acknowledgment of all needs within the relationship. The program offers freedom for open discussion between couples often not possible in the changing world today.

It’s a program to experience inspiration and enlightenment. Open thoughts and understanding of needs, transform relationships into moving forward and opens a discussion between couples.

Isn’t your relationship worth saving?

Co-create a future of togetherness and passionate love, that most humans desire.
Program Sessions
This program is run over 8 sessions online (ZOOM) or in-person at the MBA clinic on the Gold Coast.
It is based in part on the works of Dr. David Schnarch, world-renowned foremost sex and marital experts.
Group sessions are available.
Program Director:
David Lomman
Naturopath, Hypnotherapist, and Transformation Expert.
Dip Nat, Dip CH, MCMA, MATMS

Session details will be sent to your email address when payment has been received.

Thousands of people today need coaching for handling relationship issues brought on by changing lifestyles, COVID lock downs, business pressures and children. Sometimes a coach can really help the marriage or partnership.