About Us introduces the company and its operations.

Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Help


Online Health Services for individuals, groups, business and sports requirements using ZOOM technologies

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Personal and GROUP well being coaching


Range of online courses


Range of animated web and video services using HUMANOIDS


Access over 10,000 products, health , beauty, organic, supplements etc.

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Corporate services - Myer-Briggs analysis etc.


One on one sessions online & in-person


Lifestyle coaching for mind and body


Public speaking for events & Seminars


offers a pathway for a step to a better life. We are a guiding light, for humanity adrift in the sea of life. With a focus on better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual outcomes, men and women alike can experience life-changing results, build skills and receive coaching & mentoring and find more happiness.


CAN YOU ANSWER these questions?
Is YOUR life worth changing?
Is YOUR health worth changing
Is YOUR soul yearning for change?
Is YOUR sports performance worth changing?
Is YOUR company performance worth changing?

If there is a YES, then we have a course, a workshop or a service for YOU!

COURSES & WORKSHOPS are focused on AWAKENING men and women to the needs for change in their lives, assisting them to take ACTION using skill-building tools and techniques and services, to move to a better new future as a partner, parent, mate, or community member. GROWTH is the natural by-product of AWAKEN and ACTION. We also provide programs for Health Care Professionals as well as Holistic Pathways for health and happiness.

MBA Position in Skill-Building Community

The difference that sets MBA apart is the offering of courses and workshops in the OHH ( a human verbal expression) category where the responses to the learning outcomes are so significant they can make a real difference to lives, by awakening the human spirit, enabling and guiding people to take action to enhance lives and as a result, generate Growth outcomes that surpass expectations. Of course, in some cases these learning processes come at a significantly higher charge but set the bar for all other like-minded programs. This is the quadrant, in which entrepreneurs are born and developed, men and women reach self-awareness levels others do not, and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual difficulties and issues in life are handled (reduced or expunged) at levels never considered possible.

To be the pre-eminent provider of coaching, workshops and courses aimed at enhancing the skill base of humanity, through the betterment of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual condition. To awaken the potential within, promote action in accord with desire, and set a pathway for expansion and growth so that the human life, can be all that it is meant to be. A focus on the development of mind and body, health and well being, environmental appreciation, and personal growth will set the stage for a better future for individuals and mankind. All this is to be accomplished within a set of strong corporate values and environmental awareness.

At MBA we deliver workshops and courses, in line with our business model and corporate values, that have significant impact potential on the lives of men and women of all ages. Our objective to is assist humanity to reach its full potential. Some people are ready for such an adventure and others are not yet ready. When you set out to recover from a personal crisis, like anxiety or depression, separation or divorce, PTSD or childhood trauma, disease or illness, health or wellbeing, there can be mountains to climb!
Initially you climb well on the first mountain, but then many slip/fall into the ‘Valley of Despair’ and often stay there for some time. Sometimes it takes a profound change or a hero to catapult such people into taking action and start climbing the next mountain of difficulties. MBA is such a Hero.